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Cancellations  = All grades will play this week at present


ERSU Comp grade finals will be held on the 9th of August at Darfield

There are no games for Un 10 and below on Saturday the 9th of August 

ERSU Non Comp final weekend matches will all be held on the 16th of August at Rolleston  




Canterbury Country Senior Squad for 2014 





See grade tabs for representative team information  


 TOTALSPAN 2014 Shield Holders

 Un 13 = West Melton 

Un 14.5 = Waihora 

                             Un 16 = Lincoln                             

 Un 18 = Springston / Southbridge

 Un13 to Un16 = Played for at all home games        

 Un18 = Played for at all games (Verse other ERSU teams  only)